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Marge's love for sports and fitness began at a very young age. She grew up swimming competitively and took her talents to the University of Arkansas. After her collegiate career came to an end, she was desperate to find a workout that left her feeling the same endorphins that she got from being in the pool.


She found cycling- Indoor cycling has become a safe space where she's been able to find that same feeling and transform her body and mind every time she clips in.


When she's not cycling, Marge is a School Psychologist and works with children remotely in Detroit, MI and Dallas, TX She loves to try new things and challenge her body and mind and Most recently became an IRONMAN! (Swimming 2.4 miles, Biking 112 miles, and running 26.2 miles !)


"Let me show you a safe space to escape from work stressors, sweat, smile, and surprise yourself. Transformation will happen when you simply show up for YOU..."



Lauren is all about high energy and positivity. This Miami native always front loads her class with the disclaimer that she's Cuban E, had too much cafecito growing up, and has zero chill!


Spin found her when she was a young twenty-something-year-old living in New York. On a whim, she signed up for a spin class and fell in love with the energy, community, and vibe. Her experience with spin brought her closer to understanding her body and its strength in a way that felt natural and freeing. After a year of non-stop riding, Lauren trained with a New York studio and became an instructor, with the goal of honoring everyone's body, practice, and forging long-lasting community.


When she's not on the bike, you'll find Lauren teaching in a classroom, consulting EdTech companies, or learning something related to the Education. She's currently enrolled in the University of Miami's Applied Learning Sciences doctoral program. More than anything, she enjoys spending the day with her partner, Matt, and their dog, Chopper.




Justin is the owner of 4YOU Cycling in West Palm Beach and is excited about the GVO x 4YOU Cycling Collab! Originally from Wisconsin, Justin made his way to South Florida in 2017. With a successful career in retail leadership, Justin made his mark over the past 5 years at T-Mobile and Xfinity in the Palm Beach area. 


Through a series of life-changing events he discovered the power of indoor cycling. He found his passion on a stationary bike that goes nowhere, yet everywhere all at the same time. Now, the proud owner of 4YOU Cycling, Justin is ecstatic to share the energy of indoor cycling with GVO Cycle overlooking the beach at W Fort Lauderdale. Join Justin in the saddle (or out 😉) as he leads you through your next cycling experience. He cannot wait to be on a bike with you soon. 💜


Grind & Vibe Out 4YOU. 



The embodiment of passion and energy! By day, he’s a cybersecurity analyst, but when the sun sets (or before it rises 😉), he transforms into an indoor cycling enthusiast. Originally from Puerto Rico, Jorge found his way to Florida in 2015 after enduring the snowy winters of New Jersey-NYC (the snow was too much, y'all). With every pedal stroke, Jorge knew he had discovered more than just a fitness trend—it was a profound experience. Jorge's class is equal parts party, vibes, and soul - "a workout for everybody and every body." Get ready to sweat, laugh, and cry - all in just 45 minutes. So clip in, GVO, and brace yourself for an unforgettable ride with Jorge coaching the way! 💜



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